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the sacred within

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Oct. 31st, 2010 | 02:58 pm
posted by: susannahclark in spirituality

Open yourself to the sacred within. Seek stillness, seek silence, and open yourself to the silent land of your soul. The holy and sacred is a given love, a love that is given to us, and dwells in us. That creates in us and is silent with us. That trusts. And abides. Although there may be noise all around us, the joy we find in silence is a treasure, and it is already within us, waiting to be found. We don't need to journey far to find it. We don't need to journey here or there. To journey to it we just have to be still. And this silence and stillness is not only a country within us, but can reach outwards in embrace and compassion, from the sacred within. It reaches out in love, yet it is stillness and silence. It is the giving and receiving, the mutual interchange of love, between lovers, in the silent gaze, beyond speaking, beyond our defences and controls. Open yourself to the sacred within. Because the holy presence is already there.

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