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worship and sharing

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May. 28th, 2013 | 09:45 pm
posted by: susannahclark in spirituality

When it comes down to it, a huge part of worship turns out to be about sharing: firstly the divine sharing with us... sharing love, sharing presence, sharing grace, sharing kindness, sharing consciousness; secondly, our own surrender and impulse to join in that sharing, to be recipient to who and everything the divine is, to be open to commune, to share in the presence and the awareness, to give thanks.

So much about the divine is about sharing and communing, and worship is perhaps less about the reification of a remote ruler, and more about surrender to love and a divine desire to share and live in community. In turn, our own lives offer possibilities of sharing to, and in doing so, perhaps, we offer right worship, we become more true. and more truly who we really are.

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