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sharing and exploring spirituality

Sharing and exploring spirituality
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Sharing and exploring together on our spiritual journeys
Welcome to the spirituality community!

This is a community for people to share and talk about spiritual insights and encounters on their own spiritual journeys or the journeys of communities they belong to.

The purpose of the community is to encourage one another along our journeys. Therefore I kindly ask you to respect people's views, even if they are different to yours, and to make a priority of love and kindness and helpfulness.

This community is not the place to proselytise or tell other people that your faith is better than theirs.

Instead, I hope that we can celebrate our diversity, and share insights together, and gain from one another's lives and experiences.

If you want to contact me about anything to do with this community, just mail me at: wildswans (at) gmail dot com

You are welcome in this space!